Wakeboard and Tubing


Koh Tao is also a place where learning to wakeboard is easy. We can offer instructions for beginners but also allow experienced people to enjoy a wakeboarding session along the shores of the island.


From may to october we do wakeboarding and tubing in Hin Wong bay, the wind comes from the West side of Koh Tao so the east spot at Hin Wong bay is flat and the place is gorgeous.*


*150 Bath/Per added to the price due to the Taxi and the entrance fee in Hin Wong bay


During the other months of the year, we do wakeboarding and tubing in Sairee or near Nang Yuang, the best conditions are early in the morning at 8 or in the afternoon at 5 with beautiful sunset, this is when the spot is the more flat.





Short session (15 min) : 1200 Baht per person


Medium Session (30min) : 1800 Baht per person


Long session (1h) : 2900 Baht per person


Group session (1H20) : 4800 Baht*


* Maximum 4 people

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