Koh Tao is a world-wide famous place for bouldering. The island got hundreds of massive granite boulders ready to be climbed!

The different spots that Koh Tao offers are wild and gorgeous, Secret Garden, Frontyard and Backyard are a few examples of them.




. If you already are experimented at bouldering, we offer you to get a personal spoter ! If you want to go by your side it's also possible, you can rent the full gear.








Bouldering Full gear rental (Crashpad+ Climbing shoes + Chalk) : 550 Baht


Sport climbing full gear rental (Harness  + Climbing shoes + Chalk + 10 Quickdraws) : 600 Baht



set of 12 Quickdraws  : 200 Baht


Harness : 250 Baht


Crashpad : 350 Baht


Climbing shoes  : 200 Baht


Bag of chalk  : 100 Baht

Rope : 300 Baht

Depends of the experience of the climber






Discover session (Half day) : 1500 Baht/Per


Spotter  (Half day) : 1200 Baht/Per






Beginner Top Rope (Half day)  :  2200 Baht/Per


Learn everything you need to know to be a safe top rope climbing. Get an introduction to essential climbing equipment. Learn how to assess your equipment, tie in to your harness, belay a top rope partner, and build a ground anchor.



Climbing Trip (1day) : 3600 Baht/Per



Traverse the granite coastal cliffs of Koh Tao and deep water solo above the beautiful blue water. Try abit of bouldering and top rope climbing. A full day of climbing fun suitable for all levels ! 


Learn to Lead (2 days) : 5000 Bath/Per

Gain the skills you need to become a sport lead climber. Learn the basics of clipping, how to assess bolts and anchors, how to lead belay, anchor transitions, and escaping the belay. 


Guide Service Half day : 1500 Baht/Per


Guiding pack (3 sessions) :  4000 Baht/Per





Bouldering and gear pic'

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